Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I had to out of necessity....!

Wonderful Wednesday at Exploring Cricut!

Have you ever seen a sign in a store, catalog, or elsewhere that you loved, but didn't want to spend the small fortune they asked? Me too! Follow me on a somewhat humorous journey on why this is going to end up in my husbands Man Cave Bathroom...

One day I invaded the Man Cave. I needed a tool, found it, and decided not to risk prolonging the urges of Mother Nature and used the Man Cave Bathroom. First Mistake. Ignorance IS bliss. Soooooo....I scrubbed and cleaned and made it all presentable for any and all Ladies to use. In the meantime, in a catalog that my husband receives I saw the cutest signs-but I wasn't going to pay $29.99 + shipping for them! So I filed the info away in my somewhat dubious memory...

Fast Forward a couple of months. Again, I needed a tool, again I made the mistake of using the Man Cave Bathroom (MCB)-uuugggghhhhh. Can any man actually get everything in a toilet? A Light Bulb moment came upon me (or was it fumes in the MCB?), and I was off and running to my Cricut. Here is what I created-

I used the basic font in Cricut Craft Room for the first three bulleted items, then used CCR to weld the Artbooking font together for the last two lines. Orange paper is Bazzill, unknown diamond plate paper.

After I get this LAMINATED (I have a hunch it might be used for target practice), I will put it in the MCB. Maybe, just maybe, it will help.


  1. This is really cute Michelle!! I think most women need this sign hanging in their bathroom!!! :)

  2. Great sign! What a creative idea...Great job!