Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Exploring Cricut Wonderful Wednesday

Hi from Exploring Cricut! My inspiration to make this card was based on my best friend Reva losing her 13 year old Pomeranian Jac. He woke her up in the middle of the night barking, and when she picked him up to cuddle him he passed in her arms. I made this for her, and since then another friend lost her fur child Cheyenne. I think I'll use this as my standard Dog Sympathy card.  Here is my project-

I don't know who makes the cloud paper-there was no manufacture on it. The Pup & wings were cut out of a white glitter paper, and the outline is a matte gold paper.

1. Wings-Indie art cut at 2"
2. Pup-Paper Pup pg 102 (Solid Creative Feature for base cut @ 4 1/2"). You will notice that this cut originally had a leash in his mouth. I cut off the leash, and cut the collar off the leash to use as my halo! Don't be afraid  to alter your cuts to suit your vision. The worst thing that will happen is you might have to recut! Another hint-on thicker glitter paper, use blade depth 6, max pressure, and the slowest speed. I'm going to try my deep cut blade on this and see if it cuts easier!
3. I wondered if you could stamp on the clouds, so I tried it on scrap cloud paper & it worked-the sentiment is from Paper Smooches.

Inside there is a poem saying "that God made sure those pearly gates contained a doggy door".

Bye Jac-you'll be missed.


  1. Great card. I know both of your friends will feel the love you put into making them such a wonderful card. :)

  2. This card looks so right for a dog lover. the whole look is just great.

  3. What a sweet angel pup. This is such a thoughtful card that will be so appreciated.