Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday with Exploring Cricut

First off-I love Mercury Glass-always have but couldn't afford the prices they want on certain pieces. I came across a do-it-yourself tutorial on mercury glass, got my supplies together, and made about 7 different pieces. This last one (my pumpkin) I did on a whim. I saw mercury glass pumpkins in a popular home decorating catalog-but $40!!!! No way! Here is the link to the tutorial I followed-April Moffat, but they are so many others if you do a search.

It really pays to prep well so excess spray doesn't go everywhere, especially on the outside of your glass-

Follow the tutorial, and your pumpkin (Wal Mart has them right now for $5.88), will look like this-

I then cut a orange metal flake vinyl for the pumpkin face using the Happy Hauntings cartridge, page 100, layer 2 for the feminine face version of Dracula (I think so anyway), and added to the pumpkin.

I hope you enjoyed this project!

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  1. This is so cute, the glitter vinyl looks great!!